Reviving the Long Lost Art of Chivalry

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Remember those old black-and-white movies, where the man would jump out of the car, run around the other side, and open the door for his lady? Back then, chivalry was considered the normal way that men should behave. That was, until the 1950s, when feminism was born. When this happened, men seemed to got the wrong idea about the feminist movement. They seemed to think it meant that their services were no longer required. They were no longer needed to be kind, and gentle, and understanding of their female companions. As a result, the gentleman has become a dying breed. Unfortunately, they misunderstood. Although the feminist movement was about female independence and female equality, it didn't mean that they no longer wanted to be treated like a lady.

Here are a few tips that you can use that will help you learn how to be a gentleman again, and treat your lady with the respect that she deserves. Always keep her at the forefront of your mind, and be mindful of her feelings. When you are entering a building, why not open the door for her? As you come home from work at night, Stop and buy your loved one a bunch of flowers occasionally, and always remember to comment on her general appearance, paying particular attention to her shoes and her hair.

Remember that song, "I Need A Hero"? This song is very popular among women, and for good reason, they are looking for a hero. They need someone to stand up for them, they need someone to speak out against the wrongs in the world, and with the right attitude, you can be that person. Learn to be more assertive, without being aggressive, and you will have learnt the secret to being a gentleman. If your lady is talking to you about problems that are happening in her life, it is good to try and help, and to work out a way to solve them, but remember that sometimes women just want to be listened to. They are not asking you for a solution, they are just asking for your ears.

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So if you want to revive the long lost art of chivalry and learn to be a gentleman, all you need to do is look back on those days when men remembered how to treat women, keep your lady at the forefront of your mind at all times, and be a hero without being overly aggressive. You also need to know when it is time for action, and when it is time to just listen.

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Reviving the Long Lost Art of Chivalry

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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